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Being in the pediatric field for 15 years, I have had significant experience in newborn development, sensory processing, autism, and so much more.

Throughout my career, I have learned that it is IMPERATIVE for parents to understand as much as they can about their child's development and how they can help them. During my treatment sessions, I commit to teaching and educating parents on all I can regarding their children. This is why I created individualized consultation sessions. These sessions can be added to your child's sessions or these session can be purchased separately. 

I know how overwhelming it can be first-hand when having a newborn. There is a lot to consider and understand when it comes to raising a new life in this world- from starting new routines, breastfeeding/bottle feeding, safe sleep habits, promoting development at every stage, and so much more! That is where we come in! I want to help not just new parents, but ALL parents, caregivers, and even teachers learn specific needs for your child to promote the best development and independence in this world (which is our ultimate goal for our kiddos, right?) You will learn all about development and what is right for your little one, from tummy time to fine motor skills to social skills! 

Is your child newly diagnosed with Autism, suspected Autism, or has sensory concerns but you feel as though you have no idea where to start? I hear this all the time with parents and caregivers. This is why I have created a full coaching program to help you organize life and begin to understand how to help your little one! From environmental modifications, behavioral strategies, overall nutrition, and daily routine adaptations. This is individualized for each child. If you are interested in more of a generalized understanding, please visit our Online Store for the Ebook on the topic!


We can can also help assess certain sensory concerns and provide coaching with education in helping to understand what is going on and how to help your child throughout their daily life. 

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