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Therapy Wonderland is a private pediatric clinic providing Occupational Therapy services in a child’s natural environment. At Therapy Wonderland we focus on a child led approach while incorporating fun, holistic activities to progress on goals established. Our mission is to help children be successful in their daily life. In order to achieve that, we provide treatment through sensory rich activities, incorporating natural experiences in their treatments. For example, using nature and the outdoors if their environment allows as well as using their own toys/equipment at home to achieve success. Sessions are fun and engaging and families are actively involved in daily progress. Parents and caregivers are the key to their children’s overall success, which is why we also provide increased education and coaching throughout their child’s journey!


Kids with the following diagnoses could benefit from OT:

- Prematurity

- Developmental Delay

- Plagiocephaly/Torticollis

- Brachial plexus injuries

- Cerebral Palsy

- Autism

- Delayed fine motor skills

- Poor handwriting skills

- Sensory processing/integration disorder

- Down Syndrome

- Genetic/Congenital Syndromes

This list is just a general list of common diagnoses. There are many more other special needs we assist with.

We can also help kids with the following "red flags":

·       Wiggly

·       Clumsy

·       Inattentive

·       Over-active

·       Sensitive to clothes, sounds, crowds, lights

·       To show difficulty with self-care: tooth brushing, hair brushing, nail clipping, face washing

·       To be picky eaters

·       To avoid messy play


Therapy Wonderland offers free 15 minute consultations before scheduling an evaluation. During the consultation, we will listen to your concerns and discuss if OT could help your child. If it is determined that we will continue on with an evaluation, that will be scheduled.

At the evaluation, we will determine where your child is developmentally through clinical observations and possibly standardized assessments. From there, if your child qualifies for OT, we will determine the frequency and duration as well as appropriate goals that we will aim to reach within a given time frame. Evaluations are usually completed in an hour time slot.

Once the evaluation is completed, we will complete a write up with all of our findings, as well as the goals established and time frames.

Next, we will be able to schedule in person treatment sessions or Teletherapy sessions, all depending on what is preferred as well as which option would be most effective.

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