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Handwriting Helper Kit

Handwriting Helper Kit

This is our brand new Handwriting Helper Kit!! Included in kit comes items that will help the child increased strength and dexterity skills that is needed for good handwriting! 


You will also receive a little handout on how to use all the pieces provided in the kit as well as what each task works on. Below you can find a brief description of each.


- Mr Teddy, the Tennis Ball, is always hungry and looking for snacks! Kids will have a blast trying to squeeze his mouth open to feed him. Guide marks (his ears) are provided to know where they should hold it. 

- Tongs and small manipulative toys for strength and precision

- Squishy ball for strengthening

- Playdoh, also for strengthening, as well to be used as a writing surface

- Pencil with standard sized "Pencil Grip"

- Chalk with chalkboard, providing a different writing surface to build desire and motivation. Using small pieces of chalk helps develop appropriate grasp.

- Small sponges to erase the board all while using small fine motor skills for squeezing excess water and erasing

- Coins in small slit for fine motor skills

- A small pack of crayons, again to promote improved grasping patterns as well as different writing tools.


*Items may vary from picture depending on inventory

* Supervision required during play


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