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Handwriting is a critical skill for children to excel on. Due to current situations with increased e-learning in school, children are getting less writing experiences. It is important to continue to encourage fine motor skills and hand strength, as well as handwriting components, to keep developing in that area.

Our handwriting clinics are geared towards improving those underlying skills needed for handwriting, as well as overall manuscript components, through a multi-sensory approach. Children thrive on these fun and engaging strategies, which makes learning simple and tearless! 

Handwriting enrichment clinic includes:

- 6, 45 minute customized sessions, focusing on your child's specific needs in regards to handwriting

- A "handwriting kit" that the child will use throughout their sessions.. and can keep it for future use. Kit includes multiple multi-sensory tools, such as hand strengthening toys, gripper, fine motor manipulatives, and more!

- Worksheets for daily practice

Our handwriting clinics can be completed in person or through teletherapy. In person services are provided throughout parts of Broward County, Florida- Cooper City, Davie, Weston, Southwest Ranches, Sunrise, Hollywood, and surrounding areas. Telehealth clinics can be provided throughout the Florida and United States.

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